Health Education


In keeping with the philosophy of Archbishop Williams High School, the goals of the health course are to give students a basic understanding of the physiology and psychology of the human body. Based on this understanding, the goal will be to encourage students to adopt a lifetime of quality physical and emotional health.


  • to encourage students to assume the responsibility for their own health;
  • to develop decision-making solutions necessary to meet their health needs in a positive way;
  • to aid students in learning how to use health resources and services;
  • to make students aware of the relationship between personal health and fitness;
  • to give students an overall understanding of the major health issues facing teens today; 

Prerequisites: None 

Course: This course is designed to survey major health issues (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, eating disorders, nutrition, stress management and health-related fitness concepts) facing teens today. The course will present information to help guide students in making healthy lifestyle choices for the present day as well as the future. 

Requirements: Class participation, homework, projects, quizzes, semester and final exam.