Foreign Language Department


To effect proficiency in a foreign language, the Foreign Language Department has based its program on active communication, respect for foreign cultures and linguistic awareness.


The following objectives are achieved through various testing methods, both written and oral:

  • to provide an opportunity for each student to attain a level of modern foreign language proficiency consistent with his/her ability;
  • to develop a basic competency in our students over a minimum two-year program;
  • to acquire proficiency in the four areas of language learning which are listening, speaking, reading and writing; these skills are further developed in our third, fourth and fifth year programs.

These objectives are achieved through the use of technology and class discussions:

  • to promote a Christian understanding and acceptance of foreign cultures, values, and lifestyles;
  • to increase student awareness of the long-range application of foreign languages in the rapidly expanding world marketplace;
  • to provide exposure to cultural differences through field trips, foreign travel, and various classroom media;
  • to incorporate into our academic curriculum, the practical applications for the student’s developing language skills, especially in the area of career awareness.

REQUIREMENTS: Successful completion of TWO years of the same modern foreign language (French or Spanish); however, the Foreign Language Department strongly recommends THREE years or more of the foreign language for those students considering selective colleges or universities. Entering freshmen who have completed a first year of a modern foreign language in Grade 8 will be placed in the second year of the modern foreign language, providing they have mastered the first year measured by achievement on a placement test.