English Department


The English Department program exists to prepare the students for college level English with a sound foundation in English grammar, writing skills and appreciation for various types of literature. 


  • to establish an understanding of the five literary genres: short story, non-fiction, novel, poetry and drama;
  • to foster an appreciation of literature as a means of understanding self and humanity, and as entertainment;
  • to provide the opportunity for critical expression and shared insight through the literary history of human kind;
  • to familiarize each student with narration, description, exposition and persuasion in written expression;
  • to promote the development of a lucid, fluid writing style according to each individual’s ability;
  • to instill in each student an appreciation for the English language as a means of communication, self expression and personal enrichment;
  • to teach students how to use the library and other research facilities;
  • to develop standard English usage;
  • to instill individual responsibility;
  • to nurture the importance of Christian values in studying the literary history of humanity;
  • to develop and expand vocabulary growth;
  • to provide students with the opportunity to develop public speaking competence before their peers.
  • to provide students with SAT, ACT, and AP testing practice

REQUIREMENTS: Successful completion of English I, English II, English III and English IV is required for graduation.