Grade 9-12 Academic Overview

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Archbishop Williams High School offers students in Grades 9-12 a faith-based, technologically-enhanced, rigorous curriculum that fosters educational growth and intellectual curiosity. Faculty members recognize and support students’ academic abilities, foster critical and creative thinking, and rejoice in students’ accomplishments.  We strive to graduate socially aware, morally responsible citizens prepared to succeed and to serve their local and global communities.

9th-12tH GRADE

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Departments & Curriculum


The main goal of the Theology Department is to help students understand the faith and life of the Christian and their role in the community. In cooperation with the Campus Ministry Team, the Theology Department seeks to guide young people toward a more mature faith and to nurture the Christian community that is Archbishop Williams High School.


The English Department program exists to prepare the students for college level English with a sound foundation in English grammar, writing skills and appreciation for various types of literature.


The Mathematics Department of Archbishop Williams High School is designed to allow students to develop their mathematical skills to the best of their ability. Its goal is to give each student the prerequisites needed to succeed at higher level mathematics. Inherent in all math courses are opportunities for students to develop their ability to think in a logical and systematic manner and to develop their problem solving ability. The curriculum aims to help students learn to analyze real-world applications, solve related problems and to generalize conclusions. There are three levels of instruction allowing the student to be appropriately challenged.  Technology is incorporated into instruction at all levels.


At Archbishop Williams High School, the Science Department is divided into three major disciplines: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The purpose is to provide each student with quality inquiry based courses in science. Each course will introduce the student to a wide selection of topics that will help the student understand the world of science. This will be accomplished by laboratory activities, student-oriented labs and by independent research.  The department offers five AP Science courses.

Social Studies

The primary goals of the Social Studies Department, as part of a Christian, college-preparatory program, are to help our students develop an awareness and concern for all people, and to become responsible citizens in a democratic society.

Foreign Language

To affect proficiency in a foreign language, the Foreign Language Department has based its program on active communication, respect for foreign cultures and linguistic awareness.

Fine & Performing Arts

In support of the school’s Goals and Objectives, the Fine Arts Department is particularly concerned with the growth of students, both as individuals, developing their God-given talents, learning the discipline necessary for artistic creation, musical performances, and increasing their ability to be self-critical, and also as groups, learning to work together cooperatively in creative activities and developing their abilities to benefit from mutual evaluation and positive correction.

Outside Classroom
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Graduation Requirements

Theology (one credit per academic year)

4 credits

English (one credit per academic year) 4 credits
Mathematics (one credit per academic year) 4 credits
Social Studies (U.S. History I & II required) 3 credits
Foreign Language (same language) 2 credits
Laboratory Science (including Biology & Chemistry) 3 credits
Fine Arts 1 credit
Elective Courses   3 credits

Academic Leveling

Archbishop Williams prides itself on being able to offer a college-preparatory curriculum individualized to meet each student's needs.  In Grade 9-12, the following levels are offered:

Advanced Placement (AP)
Honors (H)
Accelerated (ACC)
College Prep (CP)

Students are placed into specific levels based on entrance exam results, placement exam results, and previous grades.  Students are placed into course levels on a subject-by-subject basis according to their strengths.  With hard work and faculty support, there's always room to improve!

Additional Academic Opportunities

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment course are available to students in Grades 11 & 12.  The credit hours are available from Quincy College and Regis College.  AWHS students will receive both high school and college credits at a significantly discounted rate with the possibility of the courses being transferable to other colleges and universities.  Currently Archbishop Williams offers six Dual Enrollment Courses.  

Virtual High School

Virtual High School

Virtual High School classes (VHS) present the opportunity for students in Grades 11 & 12 to take courses that are not offered within our current Program of Studies.  The Virtual High School classes provide students with collaborative and engaging learning opportunities.  For a complete list of course, please visit VHS Learning

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses are open to students in Grades 11 & 12 who meet specific academic benchmarks.  Students may also elect to enroll in an AP course through The Virtual High School if it is not offered on our campus.  Currently Archbishop Williams offers 12 AP courses:  

  • English Literature and Composition
  • English Language and Composition
  • Calculus AB
  • Biology
  • Environmental Science 
  • Chemistry
  • Physics I
  • Physics II
  • U. S. History
  • U.S. Government and Politics
  • World History
  • Psychology


College Acceptances