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The AWHS Guidance Department endeavors to foster the personal, social, academic, and spiritual growth of each student throughout his/her high school career.  As a college preparatory school, part of our mission is to prepare students for the next stage in their academic journey--entrance to higher education.

Counselors interact with students both individually and in group settings during all four years.  Among the subjects addressed in these meetings are the academic progress of each student as well as interpersonal relationships, and personal issues, which may require a level of confidentiality.  Confidentiality is an imperative and an integral part of establishing trust between the student and his/her counselor.  All legal ramifications of confidentiality are observed by this office.

Guidance Upcoming Events

Mid-Quarterly Reports
all day
First Impressions
HSPT & ISEE Testing (8:30am start)
SATs (AWHS is NOT a Test Center)
all day
Exam Review
all day
ACT (AWHS is NOT a Test Center)
all day
Exam Review
all day
EXAMS 1 & 2
all day
EXAMS 4 & 5
all day
EXAMS 5 & 6
all day

Guidance Curriculum


  • Initial introduction and orientation to high school
  • Study skills methodology and use of the agenda  notebook
  • Academic review and counseling 
  • Standardized Test preparation and review
  • Introduction to the Naviance Guidance Program
  • Introduction to Career Information


  • Academic Review and counseling
  • Test preparation and review
  • College admissions preview
  • The Naviance Guidance Program
  • Career Exploration
  • Presentation of potential social issues


  • Academic review and counseling
  • Course selection and counseling
  • Creating an individual list of colleges for each junior to consider for potential college visits
  • Implementation of the Junior Guidance Program which includes:
    • College admissions checklist
    • Transcripts and GPA’s
    • Standardized test preparation
    • SAT registration
    • The college application; Common Application
    • Naviance
    • Financial Aid for college, FAFSA, Profile


  • College selection and application counseling
  • Naviance
  • The Common Application
  • Academic counseling
  • Senior overview which includes:
    • Senior timeline
    • Transcript Request forms
    • Early Action/Early Decision candidates
    • SAT/ACT registrations
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Financial Aid
    • Scholarship information

Who Is My Student's Guidance Counselor?

Grade 7

Grade 7 Student Last Name

A - Z = Mrs. Folan

Grade 9

Grade 9 Student Last name:

A - D = Mrs. Davoli

E - Mol = Mr. Homer

Mon - Z = Mr. Larkin

Grade 10

Grade 10 Student Last name:

A - E = Mrs. Davoli

F - McG = Mr. Homer

McH - Z = Mr. Larkin


Grade 11

Grade 11 Student Last name:

A - F = Mrs. Davoli

G - Mel = Mr. Homer

Mil - Z = Mr. Larkin


Grade 12

Grade 12 Student Last name:

A - Go = Mrs. Davoli

Gre - McDe = Mr. Homer

McP - Z = Mr. Larkin


Grade 8

Grade 8 Student Last Name

A - Z = Mrs. Nalick

Meet The Guidance Staff

Kelly  Davoli

Director of Guidance

Ron Homer

Guidance Counselor

Perry Larkin '68

Guidance Counselor

Jessica Consilvio

Adjustment Counselor

Jill Nalick

Guidance Office Secretary
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