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What levels of classes are available to students?

In Grades 7 & 8, Math and English classes are leveled as College Prep (CP) or Accelerated (ACC); all other classes are not leveled.   In Grades 9 & 10, classes are offered at the following levels:  College Prep (CP), Accelerated (ACC), and Honors (H).  Students in Grades 11 & 12 can register for Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Enrollment, and Virtual High School (VHS) classes if they meet the pre-requisite requirements and receive Departmental approval.  Students are placed into specific levels based on entrance results, placement exam results, and previous grades.  We place students in levels on a subject-by-subject basis according to their strengths.  Student levels can be changed during the Course Registration process, and changes are made based upon the Semester 1 Report Card Grade.

My student is struggling in a particular subject.  What can he/she do?

At AWHS, students are encouraged to be independent learners.  Being able to advocate for themselves is an important component for success.  AWHS prides itself on having teachers who make themselves available to students before or after school to provide extra help.  It is up to the student to make arrangements with the teacher.  Our National Honor Society students host a weekly tutoring session as part of the National Honor Society Chapter Guidelines.

How will I know my student’s academic progress?    

AWHS has four quarters where Report Cards are issued.  There are also four mid-quarterly Progress Report opportunities.  Parents and students have continual access to monitor grades through the School’s portal, PowerSchool.  Parent Conferences are scheduled in the Fall, but teachers are available by phone or email to discuss a student at any other time.  Questions about academic progress should always be brought to the attention of the teacher first.  The student’s assigned Guidance Counselor can also provide assistance.

Do students have summer assignments?

All AWHS students in Grades 7-12 have summer math and reading assignments.  Information on each grade levels’ assignments can be found under the Parent and Student links on the homepage of

My student has been assigned to a level that is not a good fit.  What can I do?

A teacher, parent, or student may request reconsideration of a course assignment or level placement after the start of the academic year or semester if supporting data or extenuating circumstances indicate that a change is appropriate. Such requests should be submitted in writing to the appropriate Department chairperson stating the change of level or course requested and the reason for the request.  No request for a level or course change should be submitted unless the student making the request: 

• Has been attending classes faithfully and is prepared for class by doing appropriate homework

• Comes equipped with necessary materials and textbook

• Goes for extra help after or before school if/as prescribed by a teacher. Each situation will be reviewed carefully by the Department chair in consultation with the guidance counselor, assistant principal and classroom teacher/s. Parents will be informed of the decision as soon as possible. The principal retains the final decision in the case of disagreement.

In what ways can student achievement be celebrated?

Honor Roll is reported after each of the four marking periods of the school year and awarded based upon the following criteria:

Principal’s List—all grades are 90 and above
First Honors—all grades are 85 and above
Second Honors—all grades are 80 and above

What are the Graduation requirements?

To qualify for graduation from Archbishop Williams High School, the student must have successfully completed all course work. The four-year curriculum is as follows: 
•    4 credits in Theology
•    4 credits in English
•    4 credits in Mathematics
•    3 credits in Social Studies (U. S. History required)
•    2 credits in the same Foreign Language
•    3 credits in Science (including two credits in Laboratory Science and one credit chosen from Science electives; students completing the 3-year Art Sequence may elect two credits in Laboratory Science only)
•    4 credits in Electives (one being Fine Arts)
•    Fulfillment of at least 70 hours of Community Service hours over four years 

What accommodations are offered to students who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 Plan?

Archbishop Williams is able to offer preferential seating and extended time on tests for students who have an IEP or 504 Plan formulated by other schools.  Parents of new students are encouraged to submit a copy of the Plan to our Admissions Office for review.  

Who is eligible to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes?

AP level courses are the most work intensive and challenging courses offered at Archbishop Williams High School. At this level, students are required to move quickly through college level material in order to complete the required curriculum by the AP exam in May. Only the most qualified students are admitted to AP level courses. This means that a student needs an academic average of 90 or above in all preceding courses in that subject area and any other prerequisite courses. Additionally, students wishing to elect a course at the AP level must apply to do so. Each department has its own prerequisites and requirements for admission into the AP program. Please consult individual course descriptions found in the Program of Studies. Students unable to complete required summer work for AP classes by the first day of class will be removed from the class. AP classes are a year-long commitment culminating in May with the AP Test which is required of all students enrolled in these classes. Students are responsible for the fee associated with their AP exam(s).

What is a Virtual High School (VHS) class?

Juniors and Seniors wishing to take an elective course through Virtual High School must obtain an application form from the Guidance Department. Upon completion of the application form, the Guidance Department and the Academic Department Chair will make recommendations for admittance into the Virtual High School program. The Site Coordinator and Assistant Principal make the final decision for acceptance into VHS. Seniors meeting academic criteria are given preference. Students accepted into VHS wishing to enroll in AP courses must follow the AP policies established by VHS as well as by AWHS.

What is Dual Enrollment?

AWHS students in Grades 11 & 12, whose grades and citizenship meet the criteria, will be able to enroll in a select number of courses for college as well as high school credit.  These courses will be sponsored and approved by colleges with whom AWHS has a Dual Enrollment agreement.  Those students taking courses for college credit will do so on our campus during the regular school day.  Their experience will be at the college level. The course outlines, syllabi and textbooks assigned to these courses will be defined and approved by each respective college sponsor.  The teachers of these college credit courses will be members of our faculty who are approved adjunct instructors as recognized by the sponsoring college.

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