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The Love Of Christ Drives Us On

If a “journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, a journey of thousands of miles begins with a plane ride, a new home and an intrepid spirit. That is the story of senior and soon to be graduating, Xu Han, known in the AWHS community as Viola.

Viola came from the Hunan province, China. Like so many international students, Viola wanted an American education in order to be better prepared to meet the rigors of a college curriculum. She found that opportunity at Williams. When Viola reflects on her experiences, she sees her four years as “an important chapter of my life”. She excelled in academics, improved her language skills, got use to American food, experienced family and became a Bishop.

Viola came to AW as a freshman and relates that “as an International student, I came here with no experience of American life. AWHS gave me all the support and opportunities I hoped for. My memories with my tennis team, cross country team, math club and Model UN are all so unique to my time here. My experience at AWHS has made me into a more independent, more intelligent and more confident individual. Now I’m ready to go off to college – really ready!”

Viola will leave the East coast and begin the next exciting and challenging chapter of her life. UC Berkeley will be her new home. For Viola and her parents, this is a dream that has come true. A dream achieved through hard work and a tenacious spirit. What delights our school community is that Viola graduates and leaves these words behind … a gift to all of us: “If I had another chance to choose my high school, I would definitely choose Archbishop Williams once again.” 

Best of luck, Viola! Keep discovering new worlds!