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The Love Of Christ Drives Us On

He is the definition of the “well-rounded” student. Brockton’s Marc-Andy Mexil is a stand-out soccer player, a “drama bee”, a track star and a Peer Minister. This mix makes him a true blue and gold Bishop.  Marc-Andy shares that he “may not be sure what I want to be yet but I know that come the time I have to make that decision I will be aptly prepared to make the right one for me.”

The playing fields of Williams are where Marc-Andy has his fondest memories. “I love playing sports, especially soccer, so one of the things that I enjoyed the most during my four years was playing on all levels of the program. Whether it was a chill freshman game or a locked in, high level varsity game, the field was where I made most of my friends.” Highly respected by his classmates and faculty, Marc-Andy appreciated the challenges he faced in and out of the classroom. “High school wasn’t all goals scored and good games. School work was as challenging. But the willingness of teachers to help you, guide you or simply give helpful advice made me always feel I was a student in a supportive environment. Throughout my four years, I learned so much both academically and for my own personal betterment. 

Marc-Andy is ready to sprint away from 80 Independence Avenue. He is headed in the fall to Assumption College in Worcester. He is looking forward to the new challenges ahead. He reflects that “one thing I took from my time at Archie’s is that change always comes and it won’t stop for you, but you can control how you deal with it.” Like all things that Marc-Andy has experienced in his high school years, college will be another change that brings out other talents he has and that he will share to make a community a better place.