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The Love Of Christ Drives Us On

Milton’s Abby Da Costa feels lots of gratitude as she reflects on her high school years. For Abby, there are “an endless amount of things I enjoyed.” A student athlete, captain of both the hockey and lacrosse teams, and a volleyball player, Abby has been that special kind of student who has been able to balance well her academics and sports. Additionally, the Spanish Club elected Abby to be their president and the Peer Ministry program has truly been blessed with having Abby as a minister, a position that enables Abby to connect in meaningful ways with all students in our school community. Abby’s extracurricular resume enabled her to develop friendships and bonds with classmates and teachers “that will have an impact on me forever … not only have I grown as a student through these bonds but deepened my faith as well, which is more than I ever thought could be done by a high school experience.”  

Like any high school student, Abby found academic challenges, particularly with her AP courses. With an eye roll, she muses “there is nothing like an Advanced Placement course at Archbishop Williams. These courses tested my strength and patience everyday, but the stress that came along with this was certainly put at ease with the help of my teachers. The school and teachers really want you to do well and go out of their way to help you succeed. I realized that if I put in the effort to seek help and expand my knowledge, the teachers would be more than willing to do the same and assist me.”

Abby is looking forward to the next chapter that is college life. Attending the University of Georgia, Abby leaves Williams and “feels confident”. She is grateful “that I am the student I am thanks to Archbishop Williams. I learned not to be afraid of confusion! I learned it's okay to ask questions and that if I put in the time I needed to my academics thrived.” She looks forward to a career in investment banking.

As Abby graduates, she truly represents the very best of an Archbishop Williams High School education and proves that “the love of Christ” drives students in ways that makes their years at AWHS a wonderful experience for them and us.