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Parent Association

Each AWHS family, parent or guardian with student(s) in Grades 7-12 are required to contribute twenty (20) hours of service per year to activities and events that are sponsored by the Archbishop Williams Parents Support Board.  

Students who take part in activities or events may be eligible for student service hours and should check with the Campus Ministry Department for details.  Hours worked by students do not count towards parent hours.

Volunteer hours must be served between June 1 and May 31 of the current academic year.  However, the Parent Support Board may have summer opportunities for families to complete their hours as well.

There is a two hundred and fifty dollar ($250.00) fee per family that must be paid prior to the school year.  This fee is refundable when a student leaves AWHS provided the family has fulfilled its twenty (20) hour obligation each year the family has had a student attending AWHS.  This fee will be held in an escrow account and all interest accrued shall benefit AWHS.

If a family does not complete the twenty (20) hours in a given academic year, the two hundred and fifty dollar ($250.00) fee will be retained by AWHS in lieu of the volunteer service hours.  The family must then pay an additional two hundred fifty dollar ($250.00) fee at the beginning of the next academic year.  There is no partial credit.

In lieu of service hours, families may opt to simply contribute the two hundred and fifty dollar ($250.00) fee to AWHS at the beginning of each academic year.  Families choosing to do so should indicate their wish to contribute on the enclosed form with payment.  All donations will be acknowledged in writing by the school.  The fee must be paid by August 15th.

Families choosing to donate the fee will be required to pay an additional two hundred and fifty dollar ($250.00) fee the following school year.  Those who volunteer twenty (20) hours or more will have their two hundred and fifty dollar ($250.00) fee rolled over to the following year or refunded when their student(s) graduate. 

Hours are not transferable and may not be rolled over from year to year.

In the event that a student withdraws or is dismissed from the AWHS within the school year, the fee will be pro-rated and refunded as follows:

By November 1st - $250.00 refund

By January 1st - $125.00 refund

After January 1st - No refund 

The Parent Support Board is comprised of ALL parents/guardians of Archbishop Williams High School students.  Attendance and participation in meetings, activities and events is strongly encouraged.

7:00 pm on the first Wednesday of each month from September through May at the AWHS Administrative Offices, 40 Independence Avenue, Braintree.  All Parents will be notified of upcoming meetings via email, or please refer to the school calendar for specific dates.

All parents are encouraged to attend and participate in monthly meetings.  Questions or suggestions should be directed through the President at any meeting or at other times to any officer of the Parent Support Board.  Attendance at PSB meetings qualifies for two (2) parent hours per family per meeting.

There are numerous other activities available for parent hours.  Each activity will be assigned an Event Chairperson.  Parents should contact the Event Chairperson for scheduling for selected event(s).

The Event Chairperson shall maintain a list of contributor(s) that will be forwarded to the PSB Hours Coordinator.  Periodically, parents will receive a summary of hours credited to date.  Parents should check this summary for accuracy and notify the Event Chairperson of any discrepancies.

The Advancement Office sponsors several events each year that qualify for parent hours, such as Golf Tournament, Calendar Drive and various mailings throughout the year.