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The interscholastic athletic program at Archbishop Williams High School is an integral part of the total educational offerings and student activities at our school. While the name of the school is enhanced whenever its representatives excel, by far the greatest rewards and satisfactions are derived by those who actually participate on our teams.

When student-athletes enter and represent Archbishop Williams High School, there are certain things they may expect from us. In turn there are certain things we expect of them.

We pledge ourselves to honoring the dignity of each person regardless of race, creed, or religion; to taking a personal interest in them as individuals; to helping them resolve, whenever possible, personal problems; to assisting in achieving educational goals and aspirations.

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In regard to scheduling, we play schools with similar academic and athletic philosophies. Most are from our immediate region and league. When an individual becomes a member of a school team, we assume willingness to participate in all scheduled contests. If personal or moral reservations about such competition exists, then a decision must be made before teammates become dependent upon that individual as an integral part of the team.

We wish to excel in athletics just as we desire to excel in all activities and
functions conducted in the name of the school. Within the limitations of the objectives of similar schools in our league, the official rules and regulations that govern our athletic program, and our financial ability, we are determined to do our best to field aggressive, well-coached teams composed of young men and women who, in turn, represent our school with pride, enthusiasm, and loyalty.

We also hopeyour academic and athletic experiences at Archbishop Williams will yield satisfactions and rewards that will continue to enrich your life well after you have left our school.  

Gordie McClay
Athletic Director

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