Transfer Student (Grade 10 & 11) Admissions

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Please RSVP to Brett Marcotte ( or 781.535.6051

Archbishop Williams High School welcomes the opportunity to ensure the academc and social growth of students in Grades 10 & 11.  Transfer applicants whose school record indicates academic strength, good character, and a desire to attend AWHS will be invited to visit the school for an admissions interview.  Initially, all transfer students are required to:  

  • Submit an application. Students applying to Archbishop Williams High School must apply online.  Please note there is an application processing fee of $35.  Parents should click here to access our online Parent Portal.  Parents will need to create an account in order to submit their child's application.  Once the application is submitted, parents will be able to re-login and see the status of the application package (i.e., have all the necessary steps been completed and documented).       
  • Submit a transcript and disciplinary form. All transfer students must submit our Transcript and Disciplinary Form.  This form should be completed by the applicant's parent or guardian then given to the applicant's teacher, principal or guidance counselor. The school will complete the form and send it it directly to AWHS.

For more information about our 7th and 8th grade program, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact an admissions officer.  You can also speak to an admissions officer by calling 781-535-6051.